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Fall 2020 Denali Road Lottery Ticket Giveaway!

Win our September 21st Denali Road Lottery ticket! Sharing Alaska is excited to announce that we are giving away our Denali Road Lottery ticket for Monday, September 21st as well as a 2-night stay (Sep 20 & Sep 21) at the cozy Denali Lakeview Inn to one of our fans! Go to our Facebook page’s…

Campion, USAF

Top Five Coolest Military Installations in Alaska

Throughout its history, Alaska has been an enormously important strategic location for the U.S. military. In fact, in World War II, the government built early warning radar systems whose purpose it was to monitor the Soviet Union. If the USSR launched an attack, Alaska was the first line of defense in its path. Many of…


Top 8 creepiest unexplained disappearances

Alaska is a vast place. At around 663,000 square miles, it’s got just under 400,000 square miles on the next biggest state, Texas. With a good portion of those miles uninhabited, or crowded with thick forests, foliage, and tundra, it’s no wonder that our state has the highest percentage of people who stay missing. Conspiracy…


Alaska’s Most Valuable Public Company Is..

Ever wonder what the most valuable company in your state is? Well FindTheCompany, a company research engine, analyzed major public companies in all 50 U.S. states and came back with some interesting results.