Sharing Alaska Lodge

Welcome to the Sharing Alaska Lodge, your urban oasis nestled in the very heart of Anchorage, Alaska. As you step into this elegant rustic abode, you'll be transported to a serene Alaskan haven, yet with the modern comforts of a finely renovated property. Comfortably catering to groups of 12 to 16 people (more possible upon inquiry), our lodge is a union of warm coziness and chic wood cabin aesthetics, making it the quintessential retreat for creating cherished memories amidst the pristine Alaskan backdrop.

The lodge expands over 3,000 square feet across four levels, presenting ample space for each guest to find their own peaceful corner or come together in communal celebration.


Imagine waking up to the gentle murmur of the backyard stream, where salmon gracefully wade through clear waters. As the day unfolds, gather your group for a hearty breakfast in our wide-open kitchen, designed for mingling and group meals. Venture out to explore the scenic trails of the Chugach Mountains, visible from our beautiful deck, or the vibrant life of downtown Anchorage, just a short 8-10 minute drive away. As dusk falls, the lodge beckons you back to its warmth, where you can recount the day's adventures in our three spacious living rooms or under the stars in our well-maintained backyard.

Lodge Specs:

  • 3000 sq ft
  • 10 beds
  • 6 bedrooms
  • 4 full bathrooms
  • 4 Levels
  • 3 living rooms
  • 9-person hot tub
  • Open kitchen and deck
  • Large backyard on bank of Chester Creek

Your Alaskan expedition would be incomplete without indulging in the rejuvenating embrace of our 9-person hot tub, under the vast northern sky or perhaps the Northern Lights in the wintertime. Whether toasting to the good times on the deck or cozying up with a book, Sharing Alaska Lodge is more than just a stay; it's an experience that binds the wilderness charm with urban comfort. Every modern amenity at your fingertips, every whisper of Alaska's wilderness in your ear, we invite you to share in the tranquility and adventure that is quintessentially Alaskan. Your journey of camaraderie and discovery awaits at the Sharing Alaska Lodge.


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