Four Favorite Beaches in Alaska

Alaska is hardly known for it’s sandy beaches and hot weather. Tourists won’t usually put swim suits on their luggage list when booking a ticket to the 49th state. However, Alaska does have sandy beaches and they’re worth noting. Take a peak at the top four sandy beaches in the last frontier!

Schooner Beach

3) Schooner Beach
Credit: Heat13her|Flicker

Waves crash for miles on Schooner beach. In the background is Mt. St. Elias, the second highest peak in the United States. A place of sanctity and serene beauty. Schooner beach is worth while if you’re making your way South.

The Homer Spit

See the best of Homer

Kachemak Bay is home to a spit that holds small businesses, plenty of ships, and more opportunities for visitors that visit the brilliant beach in Homer. On everyone’s to-do list at one point or another, the Homer spit attracts people by the thousands each year.

Kincaid Beach

4) Kincaid Beach
Credit: Paxson Woelber

Located on the outskirts of Anchorage is a hidden gem. Kincaid is the place of bonfires, picnics, a short hike, and sand dunes. Nestled in the territory is a sandy beach that feels more southern California than Alaska. For a short drive, and a moderate walk, the scenery is breathtaking.


1) Black Sand Beach

Black Sand Beach

Sea kayaking, Prince William Sound, and camping are traditional activities at Barry Arm. The black sandy beaches are deceivingly smooth and welcoming. It’s a must-see for those on a road trip into the wilderness, or for those taking a day trip to somewhere new.