Now Accepting
Partnerships & Collaborations!

Sharing Alaska, for the first time, has officially launched our partnership platform. We are currently open to collaboration and are looking to partner with other Alaskan tourism companies and operators to promote tourism-related experiences, services, and products.

Sharing Alaska carefully vets and selects our partners to ensure quality offerings, reputable brand history, first-rate tour experiences, and outstanding customer service.

We limit the number and type of companies we partner with and do not partner with companies that the Sharing Alaska team hasn’t used ourselves or wouldn’t personally recommend.

If you, your brand, or your company are interested in partnering with Sharing Alaska, please contact our team at:

Sharing Alaska Statistics

Sharing Alaska Brand

  • 900,000+ followers
  • 4th largest Alaskan online company brand
  • 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 317 reviews

Media posts have been featured in international news, including Fox News, US Weather Channel, CNN, USA Today, BBC, and more!

#SharingAlaska Stats

  • 330+ million video views
  • 14+ million served GIFs
  • 255,000 tagged posts
  • 8 platforms

Average Monthly Stats

  • ~12 million views
  • ~15 million unique accounts reached
  • ~1.6 million clicked interactions

Advertise With Us

We know Alaska and the tourism industry. We also intimately understand social media, the science of virality, what sells, the importance of customer conversion, as well as the different audiences and demographics that live and interact on various platforms.

We specialize in social media and native digital promotions and ensure we are leveraging the latest market data and social media trends. Together, we can:

  • Increase your social media following
  • Create an optimal and consistent social media presence
  • Produce quality viral-ready photo and video content
  • Create short-form video clips, montages, collages, IG Reels, TikToks, Youtube clips etc.
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Sell more tours, products, or services
  • Customize online social media brand consulting

Our knowledgeable and experienced team of born and raised Alaskans with Harvard training can help you create and execute an effective advertising and marketing plan to meet your organization’s needs.

Social Media Consulting

If you have access to content creators and are interested in first-rate strategic consulting and direction, then this service is for you. The Sharing Alaska team is a local and MIT and Harvard-trained in the science of what makes content go viral and why some marketing campaigns fail and others succeed.


Social Media Management

Our team has produced and initiated multiple individual posts with over 30 million views and has produced content featured in multiple international outlets such as Fox News, CNN, USA Today, BBC, Canon USA, NBC Nightly News, and more.

Social Media
Content Promotion

We know that sometimes it’s difficult to have a full-time staff member dedicated to brainstorming, planning, shooting, creating, editing, and posting all your social media. Great social media content can take time to produce! Sharing Alaska can help your organization strategize and plan a creative path to more engaging and unique social media content.

Social Media
Content Creation

Having a lot of followers or being popular is not always adequate. It’s about the right audience and the right strategies for conversion. Your organization cares about views converting to clicks which then convert to followings, subscriptions, and ultimately, sales. Increased web traffic and increased brand exposure are inherently along for the ride.