Alaska is home to the most incredible mountainous landscapes, wildlife, and unique culture. From the Arctic Circle to the Aleutian Islands, Alaska is truly a wild place to live. Want to immerse yourself to feel like you’re in Alaska from the comfort of your home? Check out the best live webcams that showcase the real Alaska.

3. BROOKS FALLS BROWN BEARS – Katmai National Park

Source: Christoph Strässler via Flickr


Brooks Falls is infamous for being up close and intimate with Brown Bears in Katmai National Park. In this live stream, you’re able to watch dozens of brown bears catching their salmon for the day and frolicking in the falls. 

2. PACIFIC WALRUS BEACH – Round Island, Alaska

Source: Art Wolfe Inc. via Art Wolfe Stock


Need tips on how to relax? Catch the Pacific Walrus Beach webcam and take notes from the marine animals that know how to enjoy an Alaskan beach. In this webcam, you get to see families of Walruses with their ivory tusks play, lay, and live their day-to-day life the Alaskan way.

1. LAKE HOOD SEAPLANE BASE – Anchorage, Alaska

Source: Joseph via Flickr


The state of Alaska measures to be 665,384 square miles, placing it to be the largest state in the United States. A major transportation maneuver to get around the state is through airplanes. This live stream features vibrant and classic bush planes of the Lake Hood Seaplane Base, the largest float plane base in the world, coming in and out of the base and is a great sneak peek into how crucial aviation is to Alaska. 


What is so special about the State of Alaska is that these live streams are able to showcase Alaska’s most beautiful features. These live streams give you a raw perspective of what life in the Last Frontier is like for the local wildlife and day-to-day operations in Alaska without spending the big bucks.  Be careful! These live streams are known to induce Alaskan fever, which might make you instantly book an Alaskan trip of a lifetime!