Join the Silver Rush: Experience the Thrill of Kenai River Fishing in Alaska!


Are you an angling enthusiast looking to add an exciting chapter to your fishing adventures? Pack your fishing gear and head to Alaska’s enchanting Kenai River! Known for its abundant coho or ‘silver’ salmon, the river offers an unforgettable fishing experience to locals and tourists alike.

The Kenai River flows through a stunning landscape offering easy access points, excellent lodging, delightful dining options, and even local breweries for the beer lovers among you! This versatile hub makes it the ideal base for your Kenai Peninsula adventure. Kenai’s coho salmon, affectionately known as silvers, take center stage amidst an impressive array of local fish species like king salmon, sockeye, Dolly Varden, and rainbow trout. These silvers, weighing an average of 10 pounds and sometimes even reaching a whopping 20 pounds, put up a good fight, adding to the thrill of the catch!

The Kenai River witnesses two remarkable runs of silvers – an early run peaking around mid-August to late August, and a late run that starts in early September, peaking in October. If you’re a first-time visitor, new to the area, or just an occasional angler, consider hiring a guide. Experienced guides can offer invaluable insights into the best fishing spots and strategies, ensuring a fruitful fishing session.

For those seasoned anglers and regulars from around Southcentral, you’re more than equipped to fish the river yourselves. The lower Kenai River, adorned with elevated fishing platforms, boasts more river boardwalk than any other community in Alaska. There are plenty of public shoreline access sites and boat launches along the river, offering flexibility for both shore-bound and boating anglers.

Keep in mind that there are bag limits for both residents and non-residents. From July 1st to August 31st, you’re allowed 3 salmon per day, but only two of these can be coho. From September 1st to November 30th, you can bag 3 per day, all of which may be coho. Don’t forget to check for Emergency Orders before you embark on your fishing expedition!

The Kenai River is a haven for silvers, offering diverse water types and thus, a range of fishing strategies. You can often see anglers casting spinners or spoons, with the 3/8-ounce Blue Fox Pixee spoon or size 4 or 5 Vibrax spinner in pink being popular choices. Silvers have a certain fondness for pink! Remember, you’ll want your lure close to the bottom, so make sure to let it sink a bit before starting your retrieve.

If you’re more of a bait person, salmon roe plunked on the bottom with a medium-sized drift bobber and a 2/0 or 3/0 hook is a tried-and-true method. An 8’6″ to 10′ spinning or casting rod rated for 8- to 17-pound-test line, along with a matching spinning or casting reel spooled with 30-pound braid or 12- to 15-pound-test monofilament, will complete your setup.

So, are you ready for an adventure? Join the silver rush at the Kenai River and experience the thrill of Alaska fishing at its best!

The Unparalleled Charm of Cooper Landing, Alaska


Welcome to Cooper Landing, a charming mountain town nestled in the heart of the breathtaking Kenai Peninsula! With a tight-knit community of around 300 residents, this little slice of paradise is your ticket to the ultimate Alaskan adventure.

Hailed as more than just a pit-stop en route to more well-known Alaskan locations, Cooper Landing will captivate you with its enchanting allure. From chasing wild rainbow trout and salmon, to marveling at the serene mountain landscape, the town’s irresistible charm reels you in and holds you tight. Ask anyone here, and they’ll tell you their own magical story of how they fell in love with this place. Even those who didn’t grow up in Alaska, like myself, will agree that this place exceeds every dreamy expectation they’ve ever had about Alaska.


In Cooper Landing, every day is a thrilling adventure waiting to unfold. Picture this: world-class rainbow trout and salmon fishing on the Kenai and Russian Rivers, the majestic mountains as your backdrop, and plenty of hikes that offer jaw-dropping views. Don’t be surprised if you bump into our friendly local wildlife, including bears, eagles, and moose! Plus, with a variety of vacation rentals, hotels, and camping options, as well as friendly fishing guides and modern amenities, Cooper Landing has got you covered.

Even if fishing isn’t your thing, Cooper Landing has something for everyone. How about horseback riding with Alaska Horsemen Trail Adventures, mountain biking, or kayaking with Kenai Kayak Co.? Or maybe you’d prefer scenic rafting with Kenai Riverdog, or exploring the beauty of the Chugach National Forest or Kenai National Wildlife Refuge? And let’s not forget the fantastic hiking trails at Russian River Falls! There’s never a dull moment here.

After a day packed with adventure, unwind at one of our bustling local restaurants. From the Kingfisher Roadhouse to The Sunrise Inn, Gwin’s Lodge, The Princess Lodge, and Sackett’s Kenai Grill, each place promises a delicious meal, an impressive selection of wines and beers, and live music that will make your heart sing.

What truly makes Cooper Landing a vacationer’s paradise is the incredible variety of ways you can soak up the Alaskan experience here. Fancy a night under the stars in a tent? Or perhaps you’re dreaming of a luxurious 5-star resort? Maybe something cozy and in-between? Whatever your preference, the only constraint is how quickly accommodations get booked up in this popular spot. To avoid disappointment, remember that some vacation rentals are all snapped up by late January, so last-minute bookings can be a bit of a gamble.

When it comes to places to stay, the area is peppered with a number of campgrounds ready to welcome you. Quartz Creek, Crescent Creek, Cooper Creek, The Russian River, and Sportsman’s Landing (Russian River Ferry Crossing) are just a few places where you can set up camp.

If you’re yearning for a rustic experience that’s a notch above camping, an array of cabin rentals are at your disposal. Gwin’s Lodge, Alaska Troutfitters, Eagle Landing, Riverhaven, and Cooper Landing Fish Camp offer affordable and comfy cabin options that you’ll absolutely love.

But if you’re traveling with a larger group or family, vacation homes like Riverhaven, Alaska Troutfitters, The River House, and The Bear Den are spacious, perfectly located, and ready to make your Alaskan adventure unforgettable!

For your everyday needs, Wildman’s or the Cooper Landing Grocery Store have you covered. And for the anglers among you, rest assured you’re in one of the world’s best fishing spots, with world-class fishes waiting for your bait.

Ready to experience the thrill of fly fishing the Kenai & Russian Rivers? Try a variety of techniques like dry fly fishing and nymphing, or more adventurous methods like mousing and Czech nymphing. No matter your skill level, you’re sure to have a blast and maybe even catch a fish or two.

Do-it-yourself anglers will find several access points along the river, but be sure to pay attention to the changing regulations. A local guide can be invaluable in navigating the waters and ensuring a rewarding fishing experience, even during tougher conditions. Whether you’re a newbie or an advanced angler, hiring a guide will elevate your fishing experience and open up areas of the river that are otherwise inaccessible.

So pack your bags and get ready to experience the magic of Cooper Landing, Alaska – the adventure of a lifetime awaits you!